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Carers Deserve A Reward

No-one ever said that caring for another is an easy job. If you have chosen to become a carer for your loved one or dear friend, then please take the time to reward yourself.  You have taken on the most rewarding yet sometimes most demanding role of your life.  

Caregiving is a job and remember that in a job you are entitled to breaks. Take a rest when rest is due. Tiring yourself out will only make you irritable, effect your health and the quality of your care.

When people offer you their help, then please just accept it. Help might not come by that often and instead of feeling that you must do everything in your power for your patient, accept that you deserve a break and that people genuinely might want to help.

And if life throws you a turn in circumstances, then grieve but allow yourself to move on. Losing a patient or a loved-one is never easy. Try not to hold on to the past or to have regrets because your loved one or dearest friend would not have wanted that for you. Focus on the present and do the best that you can as a caregiver.

You also need to stand up for your rights as a caregiver. Learn your patient’s condition inside out and explain this to doctors when you’re attending appointments because too often the patient doesn’t want to bother them with all the details. Don’t underestimate yourself, know that your efforts to love and make your patient feel comfortable and safe is the most important thing. Go with your gut instinct and fight for what you believe you and your patient are entitled to.

Embrace your caregiving choice, sometimes carers can feel resentment from stress or burnout but remember why you have made the choice to provide care and focus on this. It was either that you felt you would be the best provider for your loved-one, that you love looking after people, you want to nurture and care for people and have an impact on the welfare of their life. Whether it’s love or obligation, you have their lives in your hands.
Don’t let caregiving take over your whole life. Get some hobbies, take up something you have always had an interest in. It is important not to lose who you are as a person.

That is why we believe you deserve a reward – why not reach out to Your Home Care and allow yourself a little time off. Just an hour or two a week may make all the difference – give you a little personal time to catch up with friends or be pampered or simply get out of the house.  We understand that.

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