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How To Change Home Care Providers

The Australian home care industry is changing at a rapid pace with the growing number of people finding home care is the ideal solution to caring for their aging family or sick loved ones whilst keeping them at home rather than admitting into a nursing home or higher care institution.

You may be confused about what service you should or could be receiving and perhaps considering that you may need to change home care providers to engage with the right provider.  We have a few valuable tips for assisting you to make the transition a smooth and positive one.  We also hope that you would consider Your Home Care as your preferred home care provider.

  1. Personal touch

Especially if the patient is elderly and possibly suffering dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, then being consistent is key.  Your Home Care like to allocate the same caregiver to you every time and not swap and change as our research tells us that makes a massive difference and can worsen the sense of delirium that is usually associated with aging and dementia. By building a strong relationship with the caregiver, our patients enjoy a better quality of life, a more personal approach and certainly reduced stress for all involved.

  1. Don’t rush your decision

Before you terminate the existing care provider, ensure that you have engaged with your new care provider to ensure a continuation of service.  Take your time to research and interview all your options then ensure that the new care provider can start at the appropriate time without leaving a gap in the service.

  1. Doing your research

Not all care providers are the same. Look at the credentials of each home care provider and ensure that all caregivers are fully trained especially if you require specialist care. You need a caregiver that is trained to handle the difficult decisions that may arise whilst at your home and be confident and trained for those situations. Whilst the Managing Director may be fully trained, it is the actual caregiver that you need to be assured is trained. Does your home care provider invest in constant professional development to ensure you receive best practice?

  1. Communication

As a home care provider, the relationship you build with this company and caregiver/s, it is important that you can always communicate with someone at all times of the day and night. Do they have 24-hour access to someone in an emergency? Do they return your messages? Are you made to feel important to them and show empathy for the situation?

One of YHC’s longest serving employees, “May” is a popular choice with our patients due to her caring disposition showing respect to others and dignity. Her love for caring for those in need really shows. We believe that is the essential characteristics that a quality care giver should have and it really matters.

With the introduction of NDIS you may be researching for a new home care provider or simply feel that you are not getting the caring service your loved one deserves, then why not call for a no-obligation chat? We will assist you with the process and eliminate the stress.

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