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e-book How to care for a sick or injured loved-one at home

e-book How to care for a sick or injured loved-one at home

How to Care for a Sick or Injured Loved One at Home (Guide by Linda Delamotte)

Are you worried about how you are going to care for your loved one? Do you know they need your help but you don’t know where to start to prepare?eBook - How to Care for Your Loved One

Linda Delamotte, who has years of experience working as a nurse, and now manages a team of carers and nurses delivering care to people in their homes, has written this eBook to help you. It will provide the peace of mind that you are looking for, with heaps of practical tips written in an easy to read manner, so that you can start to feel more comfortable about taking on the carer role.

Right now the whole medical and health world is probably overwhelming you, with lots of doctor speak that you don’t quite understand, and sometimes advice from one might not be the same as the advice from another .You don’t have to be the expert, there are many people around you who can provide that, but you just need some practical help on what it is that you can do, and where you can go to get to know more help.

Once you have read ‘How to Care for a Sick or Injured Loved One at Home’ you will know;

  • the questions to ask
  • what you can do to be the best carer you can be
  • how you can modify your home ready for them to come home
  • where to go for more help
  • how other people in a range of circumstances have managed.


Linda Delamotte is the Managing Director of Your Home Care, a company that provides peace of mind to families who are struggling with injury and /or illness. Your Home Care provides care in the home to people of all ages who need support managing their health and maintain their independence.

Since establishing Your Home Care Linda and her staff have guided many people who have found themselves suddenly immersed in the world of health and medicine. It is often overwhelming, and many don’t know where to start looking for help. This book is designed to be an easy read of practical tips to guide anyone who is going to care for their loved one at home. It is hoped that this information will save time and reduce some of the stress on the family, allowing more quality time with the patient to help their recovery.

Here is a taste of what you can expect from the book ….

“Modesty is a big issue for most, and so is their pride. Show your love and enhance the patient’s recovery by allowing them to perform as many tasks as they can, which means understanding the limitations relevant to their circumstances. For example, if they can still function normally with their upper body, then they can probably manage their way around the kitchen to prepare themselves a basic meal. You can assist by ensuring you provide the right food to allow them to do this. If they need to sit down to do this, make sure the items they’ll need are within reach”.

“Maintaining good hygiene is not only important for good health but is also imperative for good self esteem. Injury and illness can turn this daily task into an exhausting and difficult task for both patient and carer, but with some simple techniques and equipment, you can both make it easier. To help your patient wash and dress each day, ensure soap, towel, toothbrush etcetera are all within easy reach. If they can get out of bed but can’t stand for any length of time, a plastic chair can be placed in the shower recess or bath, or a purpose built shower chair can be obtained. To prevent slippage ensure the feet have rubber stoppers….”

Download the practical guide to caring for a sick or injured loved one at home

Download your guide on How to Care for a Sick or Injured Loved One at Home. This practical guide is easy to read, and contains lots of easy tips on not only how to prepare your home, but how to prepare yourself to be a carer.

Available in both PDF format and in MP3 audio format, you can listen to it as you move around your busy life, or sit down somewhere and read the PDF in soft or hard copy in your own time. Just choose which one you would suit you best.  eBook or eBook with MP3 audio file.

You can purchase either the eBook on its own – or purchase the eBook and the MP3 so you can listen via your favourite player.  Click on the Buy Now buttons to purchase from a secure server.

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