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Facing Some Tough Decisions

Facing Some Tough Decisions

It’s a tough time for all the family when your elderly loved ones are asked about Aged Care or where they plan living the rest of their lives.  Many adult children have difficulty talking to their elderly parents about their future needs and care. But sadly, when the family gathers around, it may be the subject that needs addressing, and sometimes by deferring the decision, it can often be too late.

Most elderly parents will tell you that aged care is only for ‘old people’ and will resist the transition because they may lose some independence and an admittance that perhaps they are ageing now too.

Some common suggestions that work when having these difficult conversations include:  ensuring at all times to be totally respectful, and most of all, be patient with them.  It is as difficult for your loved ones to discuss this too. Try to avoid negative talk, and work together to find a solution.

Here is a few tips, whilst not an exhaustive list but a list of possible discussion points to make the conversation with your loved ones a little bit easier.

  • I know you do not want your family inconvenienced should you pass on, and that is why you should have carefully attended to your Estate Planning requirements through your Solicitor in relation to your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Advanced Health Directives.
  • To support you to remain in the family home for as long as you are able, would you like to explore, with me, some of the options available to you to enable this to happen naturally e.g. Government and Private Providers – Meals on wheels, Home maintenance people, home carer etc.
  • If one of your parents should pass on unexpectedly, would you still wish to remain in the family home? And what other alternatives might you consider should you be a sole survivor of this partnership?
  • Would you like to visit a few alternative lifestyle accommodation options now while you are both physically able? Perhaps you could make a joint decision for both of you now or the other partner should one partner pass away? That way you will both be happy to know where you may be going.
  • Would you like to understand how you might afford the entry and ongoing costs of an alternative lifestyle accommodation options?
  • The family will cover any costs to ensure you are professionally advised in order to make informed decisions.
  • We are keen for both Mum and Dad, and the family, to have Peace of Mind and clarity as we move graciously into care for our loved ones.

We highly recommend you seek advice from an Accredited Aged Care specialist or health professional to ensure a peaceful transition.

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