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Inhome Care – as you like it

Research shows that we are most comfortable in our own homes, whether we are sick, and infirmed or just needing a little assistance throughout our daily lives; it is proven that our recovery, our mental well being and our quality of life is at its best when we are able to remain in our own comfort zone of our homes.

It can happen to any of us at any time in our lives and most often it is when we least expect to need assistance. Accidents do happen and we understand that. Getting old is a fact of life and we understand that as well.

Our carers can provide the non-medical services you may need, whether it’s companionship for an elderly parent while you are at work, help with groceries and errands, a helping hand with household chores or a simple reminder to take the medication there is a vast array of services our carers can offer.

For instance, a beautiful lady that just had twins that required endless attention and a massive drain on the mother’s energy and sleep. With a carer coming into the house to attend to some of the household chores (like endless washing) and ensuring there is a hot meal prepared for the evening can allow the new mother to focus on attending to her babies during the settling in period. And her husband was surely thrilled with the difference it made having a little extra support around their time of need in the home.

For some people, hiring a home carer for post-operative recovery can be an expensive luxury they thought they couldn’t afford. But there are many benefits that it can give for your loved ones at home who are in need of professional care after surgery.  Post-operative recovery is rarely an easy process. In fact, it can be a delicate phase in any surgical procedures especially where you have to undergo special recovery steps or physical rehabilitation, things can even become more difficult and a helping carer to call in and offer the assistance can make all the difference. The patient will also recover more rapidly in their own environment.650

Can you image the difficulty of being sent home with nobody else there when you are stuck in a wheelchair after surgery or an accident? But with a carer for just a few hours each day to take care of the household matters and take you for a walk around the block or a nearby park can turn the experience into a whole new joy. The family can be rest assured also that you are receiving care and attention that they may not be able to offer since we all live so far away in our modern busy lives. The good thing is that the entire family can help you towards recovery in their own special ways as well.

Since the carers are in your own home, you can get a sole attention from them with tailored planning for the time just for you. Moreover, home caregivers can offer a different kind of companionship. They are not just going to help physically but will work on your patient’s emotional health too. And there are some tasks that are just better handled by someone that is not related since we are sometimes very private people and don’t want our family to have to wash us or change us to keep our dignity. But a carer that is solely there for your assistance is a professional that will overcome any of those issues.

Wouldn’t you rather recover at home in your time of need?

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