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Just 2 Hours A Week

Image the difference that just 2 hours a week could make to someone you cared about?  

That is often the thought of an enquiring family member when they first see someone they care about starting to struggle with some every day tasks. It may be early onset dementia, crippling arthritis, post-hospital surgery or progressive effects of MS. It really doesn’t matter what the cause is, it matters that they are continuing to enjoy quality of life with some assistance to remain independent with respect.Caring at home post-surgery

We all live busy lives, some busier than others, but we are not all geared to being carers when someone is needing a little extra assistance. The team at Your Home Care are often asked to just give as little as 2 hours a week to help out. That is the greatest relief to many carers or loved ones.

Asking a third person to shower someone each day can give the sufferer the dignity they deserve but takes courage to reach out. Handling over the responsibility of preparing some meals to ensure they are eating well for the times you can’t be there. Knowing that the washing and cleaning was taken care of can be such a relief to family members that feel burdened with the job. The peace of mind that someone will oversee the medication required to keep their loved ones at home. Just assurance that the person is getting the necessary rest to recuperate after surgery or during intensive therapy, is priceless.

Often our carers start with just 2 hours a week with their clients but many have realised that there is more to benefit from having the person around and may increase the hours as the confidence and relationship grows. The loved one that is suffering at home is then able to remain at home, the family are happier knowing that they are receiving the care they require and our carers are passionate about ensuring the client’s best quality of life and comfort at all times. And when you start with a specific carer, that is the very person that will be with you each and every visit, throughout your time of need. That’s a real assurance and peace of mind.

So, just 2 hours a week? What a difference that could make!


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