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A New Year Ahead – A Promise Of A New You

It’s almost a New Year and so many of us are seeking a brand new ‘us’ and therefore come up with some good and sometimes, some ridiculous plans to make a better ‘us’.
The most common kind of resolution aims at personal self-improvement: lose weight; exercise more; get out of debt; quit smoking; learn Spanish; spend less time on Facebook and a few more. But what is the value of a resolution without a plan of action to ensure it is more than just a pipedream?newyearresolutions

The resolution that could have the most profound benefit on one’s life would have to be to quit smoking.

Did you know that smoking tobacco is the catalyst to so many other health conditions? You may be surprised. So if your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking forever, the health benefits speak for themselves. But the hardest step and the key to successfully quitting, is recognising what triggers your impulse to smoke. Once you recognise those triggers, whether it is stress or social occasions, then you can work around them towards quitting.

Research has shown that most smokers don’t want to smoke but the lack of confidence, self-awareness and skills to quite successfully. Around 84% of smokers have tried to quite at least once, whereas over half have tried to quite several times.

Need a reason to quit?
1. Smoking harms nearly every organ in your body. One in two smokers who never quite will die from a smoking caused disease.
2. Tobacco smoke comprises of thousands of chemicals with about 70 of them causing cancer.
3. Long term smokers are at a higher risk of developing many diseases and health problems including different cancers, lung disease, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes, and poor blood circulation in feet and hands.

Why do we care?
In our business, we come across so many clients that have their quality of life compromised due to the effects of smoking throughout their lives. Being incapacitated due to a stroke that possibly could have been avoided, when the mind is still active but the body can’t follow through, tugs on the heart strings of our carers and the client’s families.

Getting help
To increase your chances of quitting successfully, it may assist you to seek guidance from a professional organisation or coach, or better still, with a support buddy that will quit with you. There are many nicotine replacement products available from patches, gum and sprays that have proven effective. The first step, is to have a strong desire to want to quit.

The most effective method, according to research, is straight out ‘cold turkey’ often supported by patches or medication.

Sometimes there may be withdrawal symptoms from anxiety, cravings, increased appetite, poor concentration, irritability or restlessness but be assured, these feelings will pass and the benefits of your new healthier body will outweigh a small amount of symptoms.

While some parts of the lungs may heal from the damage caused by smoking, much of the damage is permanent and will leave smokers (and quitters) at an increased risk for a range of health problems.

So before you raise a glass to your new found resolution for a better year ahead, just spend a few moments to do some planning and a few action steps to ensure it actually happens. Here’s to a healthier you!

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