In-home disability care for you and/or your loved ones

Your Home Care works with you to ensure you have all the information and services you and your loved ones require to live independently at home and in your community.

We have tailored disability support services to suit every age and ability – from children and young people to adults, older adults and carers.  This includes everything from helping people understand the disability care system to connecting you with services so you can live in your own home and engage with your community.

We know you want solutions right now, which is why we’re ready to act on your behalf right now. We’ll work with you to put a plan in place that meets your changing needs and get your services happening quickly so you can get on with doing the things you love.

As an independent provider our network of quality police-checked and accredited providers can offer you the highest quality service at the best price.


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A sample of our services

Everyday personal care is essential to independent living at home, which is why we provide access to personal services including:

  • bathing
  • showering
  • personal hygiene and grooming
  • dressing
  • toileting
  • mobility
  • transfer in and out of bed
  • assistance in using continence aids and appliances and managing continence

and more.

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Understanding the NDIS

There are around 4.3 million Australians who have a disability. Within the next five years, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will provide $22 billion in funding a year to an estimated 500,000 Australians aged under 65, who have permanent and significant disability. For many people, it will be the first time they receive the disability support they need.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is not welfare, it is an insurance-based scheme that invests in participants to improve long-term outcomes.

Funding for supports is determined by consideration of a person’s individual needs, goals and aspirations. Participants then choose their supports from the marketplace of providers, and are empowered to pursue their goals and aspirations.

For more information about participating in the NDIS and how Your Home Care may assist yo please go to our NDIS page by clicking here.


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