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Tips to managing stress

Tips to Manage Stress

Put simply, stress is the response that we have as individuals when our ability to cope with what is being asked of us, or what we are asking of ourselves, exceeds what we can deliver. In times of greatest pressure and stress we tend to forget about ourselves. We are often too busy, too worried or too tired to look after ourselves. However, it’s times like these that we need to give ourselves the best chance of surviving the stressful time by being fit, healthy and as relaxed as possible.

Relieve stress by:

•Think differently. Keep it in perspective, is it really that important in the whole scheme of life, if you can’t change the situation then push it from your mind, distract yourself with pleasant relaxing thoughts, visualise a place that is calm and serene.

•Act differently. Change routines that increase stress, breathe deeply when you feel tension levels rising, limit or avoid activities that you know are going to raise stress levels

•Have a healthy lifestyle. Good diet, exercise and good relationships will enable you to achieve the above steps more easily.


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