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You Don’t Need To Be Sick

You may think we only have sick clients, but that’s far from reality. Some of our clients are really sick (cool) but they really don’t need to have an illness to reach out for a helping hand.

Numerous Your Home Care clients are perfectly healthy people if only their bodies could keep up with them. Can you imagine the difficulty of being independent and then losing the use of your arms, legs or even your sight? Whilst they may want to retain that independence, their body just can’t do it. This may be a permanent injury or a temporary incapacity.  With a little assistance during this time can often mean the client is able to retain as much independence as possible and either maintain some quality of life or recover faster to become fully independent again.

The scope of our not-so-sick clients:  We were happy to assist ‘Mary’ when she fell and broke both her wrists and would not have been able to manage living on her own without some assistance during her time of heeling. Gradually as ‘Mary’ recovered, our support was reduced and she was able to return to her independent, happy self.

Then we met ‘Ben’, who broke both legs in a skateboarding stair jump accident. Both his step dad and mum worked, and couldn’t take extended leave to care for him. That’s where we came in. And I tell you what, our nurses and personal carers learnt a lot about skateboarding tricks during Benny’s recovery. He certainly wasn’t sick but some of his stories were.

Reaching for goals at 2016 Rio Paralympics – Tracey

And then there is our Paralympic target shooter for 2016 in Rio. Tracey is absolutely full of life and won’t let her wheelchair stop her reaching her goals.  Due to FSH Muscular Dystrophy, Tracey needs an assistant to load her rifle at competitions and training.  2015 qualifying trials get underway next month and we’ll be behind Tracey all the way. The skill is in the aim and she clearly has the aim on the target in her sights.

Occasionally our clients just need a break from caring for their elderly or handicapped loved ones and we can give those carers a break by taking their place for a few days so they can be assured that everything is still in order at home. Whether it’s to attend a family function, go to a movie or a weekend break away with friends, sometimes the main carer needs the support too. This is often the case when one has dementia and can be demanding. It is usually best that the person with dementia maintains their familiar surroundings and routine whilst the main carer gets to have a break from the constant demands. With our partnership, it can be made possible.

So you don’t need to be sick to be assisted in that time of need. Our carers make recovery at home possible, they also make the greater independence possible and support the highest quality of life possible with in-home care services.

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