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Staying hydrated as temperatures rise

As the temperature rises it is timely to remind ourselves that young children and the elderly need to have special attention paid to them to ensure they stay dehydrated. On these hot days stay indoors if you can, avoid strenuous activity, wear lightweight clothing and drink cool water regularly throughout the day. If you lose… Continue Reading

Unmasking Melanoma

Did you know Melanoma kills one Australian every 6 hours? Unfortunately, Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world. Fortunately, and thankfully, a diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.  But with the warm summer weather with us now, it is timely to be reminded of the “slip, slop, slap” message. The chances of surviving melanoma are… Continue Reading

Offering Help When You Care Too Much

One of the hardest things in the world to do is simply walk away from someone you love when they don’t want your help. It may not be because they don’t want help but rather don’t want to admit they need it. But the rejection can be painful. You may feel powerless when someone close… Continue Reading

Disabled Or Simply Have A Disability?

Disabled Or Simply Have A Disability?

Different terms can sound so similar but can actually be quite different.  If you are a disabled person or are you just someone with a disability? Are you an autistic person or just someone who has autism. Perception perhaps. But despite the disability, they still have feelings, still hear you and still deserve respect. For… Continue Reading

Conversations with Children

Children are just inquisitive by nature. How we respond to their constant questions is really important. And young children especially can ask a lot of questions. Like when a child wonders why another person has a disability or cannot do the same things as themselves due to impairment. The Paralympics have just been completed and… Continue Reading

The Value of the Tribe

Sometimes the answer to your health issue, is not found in a pill bottle or the medicine cabinet, but from something greater. Not all advances in our lifestyle has been positive to our well being, especially our mental well being and the impact of our health. Most of us have experienced the value of belonging… Continue Reading

Understanding Depression

It is very normal to experience emotional ups and downs during our life. We often refer to that as having “the blues”. But when it just won’t go away, you may have depression. Understanding the signs and treatment options is a good start to curing the problem. With some illnesses the diagnosis will have a… Continue Reading

The Price Of Love

What price can you put on love? Love should come unconditional and priceless unless you have a disability. For those one in five that have a disability in Australia, this is a very real issue. Of those with a disability, 45% of them live below the poverty line which is sometimes hard to fathom in… Continue Reading

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