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Denial Of Illness

Almost half of people with a diagnosis of an illness do not believe they are ill and refuse treatment. It can’t be happening to me! Evidence suggests that denial of the illness is a symptom of the illness itself. Often it is the reaction to the disbelief that something is unjustly happening to you. Many people are… Continue Reading

Non-verbal speaking for autistic children

The power of communication is often taken for granted until you have an autistic child that is trying to talk too. Even a nonverbal child with autism can eventually develop their own unique language. Each child with autism is unique in their own special way. A strategy that works well for one child may not… Continue Reading

When Your Carer Is Also Your Spouse

Life can be tough when you are suffering from autoimmune disease, chronic pain, or chronic illness. There are so many issues to deal with.  Sometimes, it gets even tougher when your carer is also your spouse and other times it is the sweetest gift one can give to their significant other during a time of need.… Continue Reading

Dyslexia or Visual Dyslexia?

What’s the difference between visual dyslexia and dyslexia?  They both have some commonalities: Dyslexia and visual dyslexia are both information processing problems but have different causes. Different causes that require different interventions. Visual dyslexia is not an auditory or phonemic processing problem. Visual Dyslexia A visually dyslexic child does not have speech problems associated with dyslexia… Continue Reading

Finding Joy In The Darkness

Finding Joy In The Darkness

There is nothing much worse and more heart-wrenching than seeing a young child being very sick and not knowing when, or if they will even get better.  And if you are the parent of a child that has been diagnosed with an illness, whether physical or mental, you are often left feeling powerless to change… Continue Reading

Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer

Cancer kills more Australian children than all other diseases combined. Around 1 in 285 kids are diagnosed prior to reaching adulthood. Over 10,000 Australian children are fighting cancer now. Another 1,100 are diagnosed each year. 1 in 5 kids die within 5 years of diagnosis. 90% of childhood cancer survivors may develop chronic, lifelong health problems. Survivors are… Continue Reading

AUTISM – truths and theories

AUTISM – truths and theories

Autism has been a long enduring mystery of the medical world as to what really causes the brain to develop so differently. The behavioural differences of those with autism are fairly obvious and so the causes should be also. But the research has indicated otherwise. We’ve heard all sorts of theories that cause autism –… Continue Reading

When The War Is Over

Our defence force is facing a real crisis with our soldiers and in particularly, our soldiers when they have finished a tour of duty and expected to return to ‘normality’. Just because your feet are back on home soil, does not constitute being back to normal. For many soldiers, the war is just beginning. Imagine… Continue Reading

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