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Stroke Care and Recovery

Early treatment after a stroke is vital as the faster you can get treatment the more brain can be saved. Knowing what signs to look out for is invaluable and can reduce the effects if help is sought early. The recovery process is often uncertain for stroke survivors. For some people, the recovery time is… Continue Reading

How To Change Home Care Providers

The Australian home care industry is changing at a rapid pace with the growing number of people finding home care is the ideal solution to caring for their aging family or sick loved ones whilst keeping them at home rather than admitting into a nursing home or higher care institution. You may be confused about… Continue Reading

Persuading Your Parents To Get Help

We all love our independence, and our aging parents are no different.  But adult children may see that their parents could really benefit from some extra assistance and can be reluctant to raise the subject for fear of offending them.  We don’t like to hear that we may be failing. We don’t want to think… Continue Reading

When Your Carer Is Also Your Spouse

Life can be tough when you are suffering from autoimmune disease, chronic pain, or chronic illness. There are so many issues to deal with.  Sometimes, it gets even tougher when your carer is also your spouse and other times it is the sweetest gift one can give to their significant other during a time of need.… Continue Reading

When You Need Palliative Care

When You Need Palliative Care

There may come a time when the body is tired or illness sets in. That’s when palliative care may be necessary but you don’t need to leave home to receive the care you or your loved one deserves.  Palliative care can be performed along with the care you receive from your primary doctors. Its primary… Continue Reading

Reaching Out

REACHING OUT   ….   WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST  – Most of us hold on to our independence with fierce determination as a sign of ‘we’re OK’ and we are still coping with life. But we can’t always maintain that independence when illness or tragedy strikes, and we should learn to accept that is perfectly fine to… Continue Reading

Fall Prevention

It’s not just the leaves in autumn that keep falling but the elderly and other suffering from certain diseases are prone too. It may be an indicator of deteriorating health. People who have fallen and broken a hip also have a good chance of falling again. Most elderly people fall in and around the home and also common… Continue Reading

Legalisation of Medical Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis will be legally grown in Australia, with changes passed to create a national licensing scheme for growers. The changes to the Narcotic Drugs Act, which passed the Senate recently, create a national body that can issue licences to growers and regulate local crops of medicinal marijuana. The drug remains a “prohibited substance” under… Continue Reading

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