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Keeping Our Seniors Mobile

We all know the value of a little exercise in our daily lives but what about our senior citizens? There are some seniors that maintain a joie de vivre or a cheerful enjoyment of life that we all may envy when we are older. So what is their secret? Exercise and movement – you’ve heard the phrase “if… Continue Reading

Non-verbal speaking for autistic children

The power of communication is often taken for granted until you have an autistic child that is trying to talk too. Even a nonverbal child with autism can eventually develop their own unique language. Each child with autism is unique in their own special way. A strategy that works well for one child may not… Continue Reading

Dyslexia or Visual Dyslexia?

What’s the difference between visual dyslexia and dyslexia?  They both have some commonalities: Dyslexia and visual dyslexia are both information processing problems but have different causes. Different causes that require different interventions. Visual dyslexia is not an auditory or phonemic processing problem. Visual Dyslexia A visually dyslexic child does not have speech problems associated with dyslexia… Continue Reading

Disabled Or Simply Have A Disability?

Disabled Or Simply Have A Disability?

Different terms can sound so similar but can actually be quite different.  If you are a disabled person or are you just someone with a disability? Are you an autistic person or just someone who has autism. Perception perhaps. But despite the disability, they still have feelings, still hear you and still deserve respect. For… Continue Reading

AUTISM – truths and theories

AUTISM – truths and theories

Autism has been a long enduring mystery of the medical world as to what really causes the brain to develop so differently. The behavioural differences of those with autism are fairly obvious and so the causes should be also. But the research has indicated otherwise. We’ve heard all sorts of theories that cause autism –… Continue Reading

When The War Is Over

Our defence force is facing a real crisis with our soldiers and in particularly, our soldiers when they have finished a tour of duty and expected to return to ‘normality’. Just because your feet are back on home soil, does not constitute being back to normal. For many soldiers, the war is just beginning. Imagine… Continue Reading

Conversations with Children

Children are just inquisitive by nature. How we respond to their constant questions is really important. And young children especially can ask a lot of questions. Like when a child wonders why another person has a disability or cannot do the same things as themselves due to impairment. The Paralympics have just been completed and… Continue Reading

Understanding Lymphoedema

The condition Lymphoedema is characterised by swelling of certain parts of the body, caused by problems with the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a network of tubes throughout the body that drains this fluid (called lymph) from tissues and empties it back into the bloodstream. Normally, fluid and proteins leak into the body tissues… Continue Reading

Children with hearing disabilities

Sometimes we take our 5 senses for granted until they are taken away from us. Just like our hearing. We forget that not everybody gets to enjoy the sounds of music, the birds singing in the trees, the ocean crashing on the rocks or our parents talking. Any kind of early hearing loss can be… Continue Reading

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