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Entering Into Aged Care

Entering Into Aged Care

The big decisions around choosing to go into aged care are always difficult and emotional for everyone concerned. From the start of 2017, they are likely to get even more complex, with both the Age Pension set for another shake-up. The situation at the moment means many people entering aged care choose to keep their… Continue Reading

Legalisation of Medical Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis will be legally grown in Australia, with changes passed to create a national licensing scheme for growers. The changes to the Narcotic Drugs Act, which passed the Senate recently, create a national body that can issue licences to growers and regulate local crops of medicinal marijuana. The drug remains a “prohibited substance” under… Continue Reading

Help is at hand as the years creep away

Sunshine Coast Daily_help is at hand   “a quick visit every day or two to help with showering, making the bed or washing clothes could help the elderly maintain independence, and start each day afresh with dignity. For the full story about how we are making a difference to people’s lives, follow the link Continue Reading

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