Staying hydrated as temperatures rise

As the temperature rises it is timely to remind ourselves that young children and the elderly need to have special attention paid to them to ensure they stay dehydrated.

On these hot days stay indoors if you can, avoid strenuous activity, wear lightweight clothing and drink cool water regularly throughout the day. If you lose count of whether you have drunk enough, use a water bottle so you can track how much you are taking in.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol and pay attention to the colour of your urine – dark yellow is usually a sign of dehydration.

Other signs of heat stress include:
– hot and dry skin
– paleness
– rapid heart rate
– muscle cramps
– nausea and vomiting
– disorientation and confusion
– delirium
– fainting or coma
– worsening of pre-existing medical conditions.

Please seek immediate help if you suspect a person is suffering heat stress.

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